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In October 2016, JP Morgan revealed that they had been working with Jeff Wilcke's Ethlab on Quorum, a permissioned variant of geth, for the previous year or so.

During the face-to-face meetings in the months prior to the launch of the EEA, Quorum was identified as probably being the closest codebase to the EntEth vision.    JP Morgan are keen to share their work, for others to build on Quorum, and to find partners to assist with the ongoing development of Quorum.

Quorum was the basis for the primary demo on EEA Launch day (JPM, Santander, BNY, Microsoft and ConsenSys worked on that).   An EEA Quorum Demo was added to the Azure Marketplace.

JPM are currently working on finalizing their own internal roadmap for Quorum work for the rest of this year.   At the launch event, they announced that they have been working on Raft consensus.

There will be an initial meeting in the coming weeks.

It looks as though many people are looking at Quorum as an immediate solution for their permissioned Ethereum needs in the coming year, ahead even of an EthEnt 1.0 standard.   Many people are also using geth in some other form - either vanilla or custom.    Hopefully we can gather together everybody who is working against geth or Quorum into a single working group.

Parties currently involved

How to get involved

Please just announce your interest on the Technical mailing list.

Tyrone Lobban is the main point of contact for Quorum for the EEA.   An updated public roadmap will be forthcoming.

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