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During the face-to-face meetings in the months prior to the launch of the EEA, the Python client was identified as a suitable base for building a reference client for the EntEth 1.0 features, for the following reasons:

  • Ease of development and prototyping in Python
  • That existing protocol development (ie. Casper) is already happening against this codebase
  • It is the codebase which Vitalik himself uses, so we can work closest with Vitalik by working there
  • Has already been used as the basis for a permissioned codebase built as an Ethereum extension (HydraChain)
  • Because it isn't used in production, we don't have to be worried about "breaking some eggs" in the same way as other codebases

On 10th March 2017 we had the first meeting between various parties and discussed TODOs to get pyethapp working on mainnet again, as well as talking through various other topics.

The rough plan is to consolidate work which is happening across various branches to get the client into a stable place where it can sync successfully against mainnet, and then to modularize the codebase so that all of the various threads of work (mainnet, Casper, EEA and maybe even HydraChain upstreaming) can happen against the same codebase.    We don't want to maintain multiple forks if we can help it.

Communication channels

We intend to meet around every two weeks.

We are using the ethereum/pyethapp and ethereum/pyethereum Gitter channels for our ongoing communication.

Parties currently involved

How to get involved

Please just announce yourself on Gitter, and we can work you into the plan.   Thanks!

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