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This group has been formed to explore implementations and applications of different consensus protocols.

Consensus-forming protocols can be used within the context of blockchain deployments. Some examples include:

While consensus around a blockchain is a very powerful use-case for consensus protocols, it is only one application. Second-layer consensus protocols can be built on top of the guarantees which a blockchain deployment provides. Examples include consensus on a curated registry and coordinated choice. This is an active area of research and forms the basis of the new field of cryptoeconomics.

We will meet to discuss a specific consensus protocol per meeting. If you have a protocol which you'd like to share and receive feedback on, this would be a great place to share. We can use Zoom and hopefully have the meetings recorded.

Possible Consensus Protocol Discussion List

This is a list of consensus protocols which we have someone who would be willing to provide a detailed description:

  • Karl Floersch: Casper minimal slashing conditions PoS

Parties currently involved

  • Karl Floersch

How to get involved

Please just announce yourself on the mailing list and we can work you into the plan.   Thanks!

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